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Oct 4    Survival of the Fittest   Larren Cole

Oct 5    Revelation's Dragon

Oct 6    Revelation's Rapture

Oct 7    Revelation's Commandments

Oct 8    Revelation's Sabbath

Oct 9    Revelation's Antichrist

Oct 10  Revelation's  Mark of the Beast

Oct 11  Revelation's Hellfire and Death

Oct 12  Revelation's 1000 Years  (Morning)

Oct 12  Revelation's River of Life  (Evening)

Oct 13  Revelation's Remnant Church



March 29   Prophecy's Final Empire

March 30  Countdown to Armageddon

March 31  The Appearing

April 1 The Real War of Revelation

April 2  Secrets of the Ancient Scrolls

April 4  One Life That Changed the World

April 5  Born to Live Forever

April 6  How to Face the Judgment Unafraid

April 8  What Happened to Right and Wrong

April 9  Created for Something Better

April 11  Millions Fooled by a Myth

April 12  The Devil's Mark & God's Seal

April 13  Morning   Voices from Beyond the Grave:  Spiritualism 

April 13  Evening   What Happens One Minute After You Die?

April 15  The Little Horn of Bible Prophesy

April 16  Surviving the Coming Tribulation

April 18  The Devil's Dungeon

April 19  Why So Many Churches

April 20  Morning   Set Free by Truth

April 20  Evening   Turning Back the Clock

April 22  Making a New Start

April 23  Messages from Beyond the Stars

April 25  An Investment You Can't Lose

April 26  The Best Is yet to Come

April 27  Let Freedom Ring




May 14  Financial Planning for the Mark of the Beast,  Part 3  Larren Cole

May 7  Winter,  Springtime,  Summer,  Fall  Eldon Lemons


April 30  Herod's Folly  Virgil Stanphil

April 23  An Overwhelming Surprise  Victor De La Vega

April 16  You Shall Not Covet  Pastor Martin

April 9  Lessons From Nazi Germany  Chuck Austin

April 2  A New Thing  Pastor Martin


March 26  The Point of Prophesy  Stephen Allred

March 19  False Witness  Pastor Martin

March 12 Going Fishing  Sean Murphy

March 5  You Shall Not Steal  Pastor Martin


Feb 26  In His Time,  He Makes All Things Beautiful  Eldon Lemons

Feb 19  Fear Not Little Flock  Pastor Martin

Feb 12  Financial Planning for the Mark of the Beast,  Part 2  Larren Cole

Feb 5  An Enemy Has Done This  Pastor Martin


Jan 28  Love Not the World  Victor De La Vega

Jan 21  Church Closed

Jan 15  To Go or To Stay  Eldon Lemons

Jan 8  Church Closed

Jan 1  Church Closed



Dec 25  Musical Program - Not Posted

Dec 18  The Living Bridge  Robert Pierson

Dec 11  Music program  (Poor recording.)

Dec 4  Lessons from the Wise Men    Pastor Tanner Martin


Nov 27  Why Did Jesus Have to Die  Virgil Stanphil

Nov 20  Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery  Pastor Tanner Martin

Nov 13  Divided We Fall  Virgil Stanphil

Nov 6  First Be Reconciled  Pastor Tanner Martin


Oct 30  Lessons From the French Revolution  Chuck Austin

Oct 23  Financial Planning for the Mark of the Beast Time,  Part 1  Larren Cole

Oct 16  The Commandment With Promise  Pastor Tanner Martin

Oct 9  Talking With God  Eldon Lemons

Oct 2  The Sabbath and the Seal  Pastor Tanner Martin


Sept 25  What Kind of Church Would My Church Be  Virgil Stanphil

Sept 18  Remember the Sabbath Day  Pastor Tanner Martin

Sept 11  An Endless Falling in Love  Sean Murphy

Sept 4  The Name of the Lord  Pastor Tanner Martin


August 28  The Power of Stories  Doug Garcia

August 21  Little Children,  Keep Yourselves From Idols  Pastor Tanner Martin

August 14  Victory in Jesus  Jack McIntosh

August 7  No Other Gods  Pastor Tanner Martin


July 31  High Octane Christianity  Pastor Charles Burkeen

July 24  Living the Kingdom  Victor De La Vega

July 17  God's Law:  Fright or Delight,  Part 2  Pastor Tanner Martin

July 10  600 + 1 + 349 = 950  Robert Pierson

July 3  God's Law: Fright or Delight  Pastor Tanner Martin


June 26  By Every Word of God  Virgil Stanphil

June 19  What is Truth:  Finding Certainty in an Uncertain World  Pastor Tanner Martin

June 12  In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day  Sean Murphy

June 5  By the Word of Their Testimony  Pastor Tanner Martin


May 29  Growing the Kingdom  Bob Baumann

May 22  The Law of Impossible Possibilities  (Part 3) Virgil Stanphil

May 15  The Romanism Within  Victor De La Vega

May 8  It's the Climate  Robert Pierson

May 1  What's That You Say,  Habakkuk?  Eldon Lemons


April 24  Adventists vs. Difficult Questions  Larren Cole

April 17  Does God Have a Dark Side  Sean Murphy

April 10  Recording Problems

April 3  Where Is Elijah?  Victor De La Vega


March 27  The Law of the Spirit of Life  (Part 2) Virgil Stanphil

March 20  The Law of Sin and Death  (Part 1)  Virgil Stanphil

March 13  The Mystery of God's Mercy  Pastor Stephen Allred

March 6  God's Covenant Keeping Messiah,  Part 2  Pastor James Ash


Feb 27  The Good News About Judgement  Sean Murphy

Feb 20  Undertakers Love Overtakers  Robert Pierson

Feb 13  Love,  Love,  Love  Eldon Lemons

Feb 6  God's Covenant Keeping Messiah  Pastor James Ash


Jan 30  Hidden Eyes and Closed Ears  Victor De La Vega

Jan 23  God's Covenant Breaking People  Pastor James Ash

Jan 16  Our Covenant Keeping God  Pastor James Ash

Jan 9  How God Changes Us Virgil Stanphil

Jan 2  Are You Ready for the Rain  Sean Murphy



Dec 19  Love's Downward Ascent  Sean Murphy

Dec 12  Seduction at the Border of the Promised Land  Chuck Austin

Dec 5  A Very Expensive Gift  Eldon Lemons


Nov 21  How Come the Last Days Last So Long  Victor De La Vega

Nov 14  Looking for Love (In All the Wrong Places)  Sean Murphy

Nov 7  Hidden Prayer of the Bible  Pastor James Ash


Oct 31  Did a Calendar Change Affect the Weekly Sabath  Larren Cole

Oct 24  Conflict Resolution in Laodicea  Virgil Stanphil

Oct 17  Walking in the Footsteps of Isaac  Pastor James Ash

Oct 10  Covenant  Sean Murphy

Oct 3  Not Recorded - Musical program.


Sept 26  This Same Jesus  Victor De La Vega

Sept 19  Anchor of the Soul  Pastor James Ash

Sept 12  Why Doesn't the Devil Repent - A Closer Look at the Unpardonable Sin  Larren Cole

Sept 5  The Third Angel's Message  Virgil Stanphil


August 29  When Heaven?  David Davies

August 22  Tipping the Balance of Power  Sean Murphy

August 15  Never Man Spake  Larren Cole

August 8  The Overcomer  Jack McIntosh

August 1  How to Truly Make Black Lives Matter  Pastor James Ash


July 25  The Center of God's Love  Sean Murphy

July 18  Dead or Alive  Eldon Lemons

July 11  Making Friends for God  Robert Pierson

July 4  Suffering:  God's Tool of Redemption  Jim Donovan


June 27  The Lord's Day Vision  Robert Pierson

June 20  The Three D's  Chuck Austin

June 13  Final Movements:  2nd Coming of the Bridegroom  Pastor James Ash

June 6  Final Movements:  The Seven Last Plagues  Pastor James Ash


May 30  Final Movements:  The Close of Probation  Pastor James Ash

May 23  Final Movements:  The Small Time of Trouble  Pastor James Ash

May 16  The Final Movements - The Double Portion  Pastor James Ash

May 9  Faith of Hezekiah  Pastor James Ash

May 2  Growing Faith in the Community of Faith  Pastor James Ash


April 25  Growing Faith:  Speaking Words of Faith  Pastor James Ash

April 18  Growing Faith:  Baptized by the Spirit  Pastor James Ash

April 11  Growing Faith - Focused on the Son  Pastor James Ash

April 4  Faith and Fear in the Last Days  Chuck Austin


March 28  Faith in God's Invisible Army  Pastor James Ash

March 21  The Fear Factor  Pastor James Ash

March 14  Sometimes Church is Hard  Eldon Lemons

March 7  Faith and Healing  Pastor James Ash


Feb 29  The Joy of Prayer  Allen Foster

Feb 22  When Concealing is Revealing  Sean Murphy

Feb 15  Pictures of Faith  Pastor James Ash

Feb 8  Three Secrets  Chuck Austin

Feb 1  In Search of True Christian Faith  Pastor James Ash


Jan 25  Ebenezer  Eldon Lemons

Jan 18  The Battle for the Mind  Pastor James Ash

Jan 11  Not Recorded - Musical Program

Jan 4  I Resolve To . . .   Pastor James Ash



Dec 28  Removing the Deadly Leaven:  the Pharisee in Us All  Victor De La Vega

Dec 21  Journey of Faith  Pastor James Ash

Dec 14  Battle for Britain  Robert Pierson

Dec 7  Christmas Is About the Presents,  Right?  Pastor James Ash


Nov 30  Living in the Most Holy  Pastor James Ash

Nov 23  Running from the Wrong Person  Sean Murphy

Nov 16  Our Heavenly Atonement  Pastor James Ash

Nov 9  My God Knows You  David Davies

Nov 2  The Condition of Eternal Life  Chuck Austin


Oct 26  The Gospel in Creation  Virgil Stanpfil

Oct 19  Broken Bread and Spilled Wine  Norm Allred

Oct 12  Revelation's 1000 Years  Larren Cole

Oct 4  Adventist Evangel-Phobia:  Seven Steps to Recovery  Larren Cole


Sept  28  Because of the Hardness of Your Heart  Jim Donovan

Sept 21  If You Are Willing  Pastor James Ash

Sept 14  Please Allow Me to Demonstrate  Doug Garcia

Sept 7  No Longer a Slave  Pastor James Ash


Aug 31  Living in the Know  Charlie Oliver

Aug 24  Red Letter Insight  Larren Cole

Aug 17  Waiting for the Rain  Pastor James Ash

Aug 10  The Very Elect  Victor De La Vega

Aug 3  What God Knows  Pastor James Ash


July 27  The Coming Crisis  Chuck Austin

July 20  Come as You Are  Bob Baumann

July 13  Waiting for God  Pastor Charles Burkeen

July 6  Gethsemane  Pastor James Ash


June 29  U.S.A.  Robert Pierson

June 22  Thy Will Be Done  David Davies

June 15  Spirit Baptism and Earth's Final Events  Wilbur Claus

June 8  Have You Counted the Cost  Larry Rexius

June 1  The Wilderness of God"s Slowness  Pastor John Ash


May 25  The Greatest of These  Virgil Stanphill

May 18  The Influence of a Godly Mother  Pastor James Ash

May 11  Low of Love,  Covenant of Peace  Sean Murphy

May 4  13 Blind Men  Pastor James Ash


April 27  Let Freedom Ring  Pastor James Ash

April 20  Set Free by Truth  Pastor James Ash

April 13  Voices from Beyond the Grave:  Spiritualism  Pastor James Ash

April 6  God's Final Call  Pastor James Ash


March 30  The Tumult in the Temple  Bob Van Arsdale

March 23  Water into Wine  Bob Van Arsdale

March 16  Because Angels Can't Preach  Pastor James Ash

March 9 Made That Way  Wayne Blakely  (9:30 AM)

March 9  Shaken to the Foundation  Wayne Blakely  (11;00 AM)

Marcy 9  Questions and Answers  Wayne Blakely  (Afternoon)

March 2  Made in the Image  Pastor James Ash


Feb 23 The Long Way Home  Pastor John Rengifo   (Vespers) 

Feb 23  Who Are You?  Bob Van Arsdale

Feb 16  Sealed for Eternity  Pastor James Ash

Feb 9  What You See Is What You Get  Sean Murphy

Feb 2  Kings and Priests  Pastor James Ash


Jan 26  Cold,  Hard,  Cash  Gale Crosby

Jan 19  Witnessing for Jesus in the Crosshairs of Satan  Pastor James Ash

Jan 12  Does God Play Favorites  Doug Garcia

Jan 5  A Faithful Witness  Pastor James Ash



Dec 29  Sheltered Place  Ron Mitchell

Dec 22  Thrice Tempted  Bob Van Arsdale

Dec 15  From the Womb to the Tomb  Pastor James Ash

Dec 8  Pardon and Power - The Double Cure  Wilbur Claus

Dec 1  Revelation's Great Gospel Chain  Pastor James Ash


Nov 24  Calvin Would Weep  Robert Pierson

Nov 17  The Revelation of Jesus  Pastor James Ash

Nov 10  The Adoption  David Davies

Nov 3  God's Magnificent Grace  Pastor James Ash


Oct 27  The Root and the Fruit  Jack McIntosh

Oct 20 The Pearl of Great Price  Pastor John Ash

Oct 13  The Baptist and the Baptism  Bob Van Arsdale

Oct 6  The Heart of Deception  Pastor James Ash


Sept 29  An Unquenchable Craving  Sean Murphy

Sept 22  God is Love  Chuck Austin

              Sermon not recorded.  Can be seen at:


             Sermon starts at 42:25

Sept 15  Heaven's Two Great Advocates  Pastor James Ash

Sept 8  How I Got into the Ministry  Larren Cole

Sept 1  Faith in the Fire  Pastor James Ash


Aug 25  End Events of Daniel 11  Dr. James Said

Aug 18  How to Unstart a Fire  Pastor James Ash

Aug 11  The Second Coming  Wilbur Claus

Aug 4  Return to Philadelphia  Pastor James Ash


July 28  Jesus Was Once a Child  Bob Van Arsdale

July 21  Is Being Obstinate Good?  Sean Murphy

July 14  Exceeding Great and Precious Promises  Jack McIntosh
July 7  Lessons from a Parable  Pastor James Ash

June 30  A Tilly for Jesus  Pastor Charles Byrd
June 23  Singing on the Front Lines  Jim Ayers
June 16  Go Ahead:  Step into the Water  Pastor James Ash
June 9  Who Is on the Throne  David Davies
June 2  The Final Attack  Pastor James Ash

May 26  Parenting Is for the Courageous  Pastor James Ash
May 19  Baby Dedication  Bob Van Arsdale
May 12  The New and Living Way  Rhonda Said
May 5  Rejoicing in the Lord  Pastor James Ash

April 28  I Have to Work on Sabbath.  Please Pray for Me.  Larren Cole
April 21  Jesus and End Time Signs  Pastor Perry Parks
April 14  Late One Night  Bob Van Arsdale
April 7  Sticking to the Script  Pastor James Ash

March 31  Measuring Weapons With the Devil  Robert Pierson
March 24  God's Plan to Restore  Wilbur Claus
March 17  Facing Wickedness in High Places  Jack McIntosh
March 17  Revival of True Godliness  Robert Pierson
March 17  Heart-Rending Prayer  Connie Allred
March 17  What to Do with Doubt  Pastor James Ash
March 10  Blessings and Curses  Doug Garcia
March 3  How to Commune with God  Pastor James Ash

Feb 24  Right On Time  Bob Van Arsdale
Feb 17  Listening to God  Pastor James Ash
Feb 10  Following Jesus Through the Sanctuary  Rhonda Said
Feb 3  Working For Christ  Pastor James Ash

Jan 27  Immanuel  Bob Van Arsdale
Jan 20  Growing Up  Pastor James Ash
Jan 13  Overcoming,  Part 2  Sean Murphy
Jan 6  Dirty Feet  Pastor James Ash


Dec 30  The Sun Never Sets  Robert Pierson
Dec 23  Messages to Overcomers  Sean Murphy
Dec 16  The Greatest Gift  Pastor James Ash
Dec 9  An End Time Prophesy  Victor De La Vega
Dec 2  No Other Way to Be Happy  Pastor James Ash

Nov 25  Denying Self  Larry Rexius
Nov  18  The Art of Letting Go  Pastor James Ash
Nov 11  The Healing Ministry of Christ  Jack McIntosh
Nov 11  The Attitude of Gratitude  Jack Mcintosh
Nov 4  The Heart of the Reformation  Pastor James Ash

Oct 28  Mercy,  One of the 7 Wonders of the Bible  Larren Cole
Oct 21  When Sorry Doesn't Cut It  Pastor James Ash
Oct 14  Justification the Work of a Lifetime
             Sanctification the Work of a Moment
 George Knight
Oct 14  Sin and Law are the Same Thing  George Knight
Oct 7 Setting the Record Straight  Paster James Ash
Oct 7  Pretender to the Throne  Sean Murphy

Sept 30  Witheld at speaker's request
Sept 23  Voice Activated  Larren Cole
Sept 16  As I Have Loved You  David Davies
Sept 9  Come Out of Her My People  Dr. James Said
Sept 2  How We Get Mail  Pastor Randy Hill

Aut 26  Sound the Trumpet  Jack McIntosh
Aug 19  Satan's Right Arm,  Part 2  Virgil Stanphill
Aug 12  One Little Prayer  Kyle Dantone
Aug 5  Behold Your God  Sean Murphy

July 29  Time Is Not a Problem with God  Ron Mitchell
July 22  Empowering the Remnant Church  Wilbur Claus
July 15  Why Didn't They Get on the Ark  Larren Cole
July 8  Going Through the Motions  Pastor Dan McCulloch
July 1  World's Greatest Tree  Robert Pierson

June 24  Forward with Great Courage  Ron Mitchell
June 17  Power of God  Jim Ayers
June 10  The Rewards of Heaven  Jack McIntosh
June 3  When Jesus Waits  Stan Beerman

May 27  Adventurers for God's Master Plan  Bob Baumann
May 20  End Time Masterpiece  Sean Murphy
May 13  What's On Your Mind  Kip Bradford
May 6  The Two Adams  Virgil Stanphill

April 29  The Sealing of God's Last Day People  Wilbur Claus
April 22  To Err is Human  David Davies
April 15  Priority Number One  Jack McIntosh
April 8  Memories  Pastor John Bridges
April 1  The Prayers of Righteous Men  Sean Murphy

March 25  The Final Plunge  Robert Pierson
March 18  Gullible People  Pastor Marvin Clark
March 11  Musical Program - Not Recorded
March 4  Is Sin a Choice?  Virgil Stanphill

Feb 25  The Presence of Jesus  Iris Eastwood
Feb 18  Called to Connect  Pastor Dave Allen
Feb 11  Why I have Confidence in Ellen White  Larren Cole  (Afternoon)
Feb 11  When is a Sin,  a Sin?  Larren Cole
Feb 4  Accepting the Gift  David Davies

Jan 28  Wandering in the Wilderness:  A Tale of Grace  Brian Scarbrough
Jan 21  Heaven or Hell  Pastor John Bridges
Jan 14  The Touch of Faith  Pastor Chuck Burkeen
Jan 7    Church Closed


Dec 31  Satan's Trinity - Ready to Rumble  Robert Pierson
Dec 24  Be Strong and Have Good Courage  Wilbur Claus
Dec 17  The Gift  Kevin Jepson
Dec 10  Treasure in Heaven  Jack McIntosh
Dec 3  The Burden of One Man's Heart  Pastor John Rengifo

Nov 26  Everything is Permissible  Bob Baumann
Nov 19  You Are Not God's Equal  Doug Garcia
Nov 12  Speaking Like a Dragon:  The USA in the Book of Esther  Larren Cole
Nov 5  The Unpardonable Sin  Pastor John Rengifo

Oct 29  The 144,000  Dr. James Said
Oct 22  The U.S. in Bible Prophesy  Pastor John Rengifo
Oct 15  The Mystery of Death  Pastor John Rengifo
Oct 8  Not By Bread Alone  Virgil Stanphill
Oct 1  If I Had One Last Sermon  Pastor John Rengifo

Sept 24  What's Your Name  Sayuri Rodriguez
Sept 17  Just One  Jack McIntosh
Sept 10  The Missionary Bride  Jodi Scarbrough
Sept 3  Untouchables - 3:  Characters for Sale  Pastor John Rengifo

Aug 27  Through the Storm  Ron Mitchell
Aug 20  Untouchables - 2:  Wounds of Reminder  Pastor John Rengifo
Aug 13  The Door  Sean Murphy
Aug 6  Untouchables - 1:  The Heart of the Matter  Pastor John Rengifo

July 30  Wandering in the Wilderness.  Why?  Brian Scarbrough
July 23  Hungry Slave:  Humble Servant  Robert Pierson
July 16  I Promise I'll Be True  Pastor John Rengifo
July 9  Just Another Branch  Virgil Stanphill
July 2  Christ's Way of Affirmation  Pastor John Rengifo

June 25 Trust in the Lord  Wilbur Claus
June 18 Faith in a Concealed Weapon - Part 1  Larren Cole
June 18 Faith in a Concealed Weapon - Part 2  Larren Cole
June 11  Five Things I Know For Sure  Eldon Lemons
June 4  WANTED: The Weak and Humble Pastor John Rengifo

May 28  The Bride of Christ  Dr. James Said
May 21  From This Day Forward  Pastor John and Denny Rengifo
May 14  The Star Spangled Christian  Bob Baumann
May 7  New Covenant Redemption  Jack McIntosh

Apr 23  The Last Rescue  Al McDowel
Apr 16  Politics and the Prophetic Factor   Pastor John Rengifo
Apr 9  His Love: Turn, Trust, Rest  Brian Scarbrough
Apr 2  Table Manners  Pastor John Rengifo

March 26  The Laborers are Few  Larren Cole
March 19  The Last Paragles of Jesus - Part 4:  The Big Picture  Pastor John Rengifo
March 12  The Two Midnight Cries  Dr. James Said
March 5  The Last Parables of Jesus - Part 3  Burried Treasure  Pastor John Rengifo

Feb 27  Getting On the Bicycle  Jodi Scarbrough
Feb 20  The Last Parables of Jesus - Part 2:  Give Me Oil in My Lamp  Pastor John Rengifo
Feb 13  The Third Angel's Message  Virgil Stanphill
Feb 6  The Last Parables of Jesus - Part 1: One Size Fits All  Pastor John Rengifo

Jan 30  Who Will Walk Across the Street  Cheri Corder
Jan 23  All the Fullness of God - Part 2  Jack McIntosh
Jan 16  How Not to Backslide  Pastor John Rengifo
Jan 9  Time to Move  Pastor Gordon Kainer
Jan 2  The Heart of Worship:  Behold!  They Pray  Pastor John Rengifo


Dec 26  The Christmas TreeThat Will Never Die  Brian Scarbrough
Dec 19  The Miracle Birth and Rebirth  Pastor John Rengifo
Dec 12  All the Fullness of God  Jack McIntosh
Dec 5  Point of No Return  Pastor John Rengifo

Nov  28  The Hope of the Adventist   Sean Murphy
Nov  21  The Heart of Worship - Part 2:  Sacrifice of Praise  Pastor John Rengifo
Nov 14  Wonderful Peace  Pastor John Bridges
Nov 7  Be Ye Holy: The Life  Pastor Tony Rodriguez Jr.

Oct 31  Hope  Kip Bradford
Oct 24  God's Compelling Love  Doug Garcia
Oct 17  Worship in the New Earth  Pastor John Rengifo
Oct 10  Revelations' Mystery of Death  Pastor John Rengifo
Oct 3  The Heart of Worship  Pastor John Rengifo

Sept 26  The Thomas Syndrome  Ron Mitchel
Sept 19  The Unwritten Chapter  Pastor John Rengifo
Sept 12  God Changing Lives in Mexico  Alex Castillijos
Sept 5  The Scandal of Mission  Pastor John Rengifo

Aug 29  It's the Little Things that Count  Pastor Chuck Burkeen
Aug 22  The Family Circle  Pastor John Rengifo
Aug 15 The Mystery of Love  Wilbur Claus
Aug 8  Lift Up Your Eyes on High Virgil Stanphill
Aug 1 True Greatness  Pastor John Rengifo

July 28  Christ's Greatest Miracle So Far
              (I am the Resurrection Part 3)  Larren Cole
July 11  Same Sex Marriage and the Remnant Church Pastor John Rengifo
July 4  Red, White, and Blue Pastor Robert Pierson

June 27  The Overcomer Jack McIntosh
June 20  A Fiery Escort  Pastor John Rengifo
June 13  The Most Honest Prayer Elder Stan Beerman
June 6   When God Answers No  Pastor John Rengifo

May 30  A Message of Hope Burney Culpepper
May 23 The Truth About Near Death and Out of the Body Experiences  Larren Cole
May 16 The Mystery of the Seed Pastor John Rengifo
May 9 The Next Level Bob Baumann

April 25 The Overcomer Jack McIntosh
April 18 The Bread and the Whine Pastor John Rengifo
April 11 God Speaks Bill Gillaspy
April 4  Why I Believe in the Resurrection Pastor John Rengifo

March 28 God's Gift of Prophecy Pastor John Rengifo
March 21 Relentless Pursuit Pastor John Rengifo
March 14 Our Connection to Heaven Doug Garcia
March 7 Let Me Carry This Burden Pastor John Rengifo

Feb 28 What Jesus Tasted Pastor John Rengifo
Feb 14 Hidden Treasure Pastor Perry Parks
Feb 7 Special Anointing Service Pastor John Rengifo

January 31 Taste and See by Wilbur Claus
January 24 Nehemiah, Part 5: Don't Compromise by Pastor John Rengifo
January 17 Sunlight Control by Alex Castillenjos
January 10 Nehemiah, Part 4: When Champions are Few by Pastor John Rengifo
January 3 Nehemiah,  Part 3: This One Purpose by Pastor John Rengifo


December 27 The Holy Spirit and the Advent by Pastor John Rengifo
December 20 Lessons from the Magi by Pastor John Rengifo
December 13 New Covenant, Redemption! by Jack Mcintosh
December 6 Nehemiah, Part 2:  Arise and Build by Pastor John Rengifo

November 29 Reconciled by His Death. Saved by His Life by Virgil Stanphill
November 22 Valley of the Shadow of Death by Victor De La Vega
November 15 Nehemiah: End Time Issues by Pastor John Rengifo
November 8  The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus by Ronda Said
November 1 Earth's Final Test by Ron Mitchell

October 25 This is Your Final Warning by Pastor Brad Brown
October 18 The Peter Syndrome by Pastor John Rengifo
October 4  The Faith of Dogs  by Pastor John Rengifo

September 27 Burnin' Love by Bob Baumann
September 20 The Better Builder by Pastor John Rengifo
September 13 The Edge of Wonder by Bill Gillaspy
September 6  Adventists and the Great Controversy by Pastor John Rengifo

August 16 Moving Forward Together, Part 2 by Pastor John Rengifo
August 9 God Cares for You by Pastor Loren Fenton
August 2 Moving Forward Together, Part 1 by Pastor John Rengifo

July 19 The Loving Shepherd by Pastor Perry Parks
July 12 The List by Ross Keys
July 5 The Story that Must be Told by Pastor John Rengifo

June 28 Elijah Today by Pastor John Bridges
June 21 The Incredible Role of Fathers by Pastor John Rengifo
June 7 Preparing for the Latter Rain, Part 3 The Power by Pastor John Rengifo

May 31 Who's No. 1? by Bill Gillaspy
May 24 The Cross by Bud Paasch
May 17 Preparing for the latter Rain, Part 2 The Promise by Pastor John Rengifo
May 10 The End of the Law by Virgil Stanphill

April19 Preparing for the latter Rain, Part 1 The Premise by Pastor John Rengifo
April 12  Why Am I Not on Fire? by Larren Cole
April 5 The Water and the Blood by Pastor John Rengifo

March 29 We have this Hope, Part 3 by Pastor John Rengifo  
March 22 If God is so Good.... by Bob Baumann
March 15 We have this Hope, Part 2 by Pastor John Rengifo
March 8 Absconditus Deus by Pastor Brad Brown
March 1 We have this Hope, Part 1 by Pastor John Rengifo 

February 22 Throw it away by Pastor John Bridges
February 15 A Paradox of Blessings by Kip Bradford
February 8 The Call of Adventism by Tristaun LeClaire
February 1 Stress Out and Sin Not by Virgil Stanphill

January 25 Forever Safe by Bill Gillaspy
​January 18 Jesus' Eyes by Stan Beerman
​January 11 The Big Red Button by Kip Bradford
​January 4 Broken Bread and Spilled Wine by Norm Allred


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        Livestream May 14

        Afternoon Meeting

        Livestream Jamie Jorge


        Central Point Meetings - Pastor James Ash

        April 1    Signs You Can't Ignore

        April 2    How to Know the Future

        April 3    Why So Much Suffering?

        April 4    Born to Live Forever

        April 6    Secrets of the Ancient Scrolls

        April 7    The Great Escape

        April 9    Making a New Start

        April 10   What Happened to Right and Wrong

        April 11   Created for Something Better

        April 13   Millions Fooled by a Myth

        April 14   Facing the Judgement with Confidence

        April 16   How to Spot a Fake

        April 17   Let Freedom Ring

        April 17   By Chance or by Design

        April 18   Forever Marked

        April 20   How to Survive the Coming Tribulation

        April 21   Evil in Chains

        April 23   Voices from Beyond the Grave

        April 24   What Happens When You Die?

        April 24   So Many Choices

        April 25   An Investment You Can't Lose

        April 27   Turn Back the Clock

        April 28   Messages From Beyond the Stars

        April 30   The Best is Yet to Come

        May  1   Set Free by Truth

        May  1   Jubliant Trio Concert

        May  8   Baptism